Our Vision for HOPE NIGHTS.

For the people of NYC to understand and experience the powerful moves of God through

The Holy Spirit




The Prophetic

The MISSION for HOPE NIGHTS is to raise up, develop, and multiply Kingdom leaders for Kingdom service.



We believe that when we set extended spaces to sing songs of praise and adoration to Jesus, God in-turn encounters us powerfully through the Holy Spirit. Some of the most powerful moments that a follower of Jesus often experiences is during times of worship to God. It’s an open space to sit, stand, kneel or engage in whichever way you sense is most appropriate for you. Our desire is that this would be a place for you to meet God on a personal level if you never have before, and if you know God, for you to grow in an even deeper relationship and understanding of the Holy Spirit as we express our love and thankfulness to God through music.


We desire for our community to grow in our understanding of what God’s word says about divine healing (physically, spiritually, & emotionally). We believe that Jesus still heals through his Holy Spirit today, just as He did through the first apostles. If you have sickness or pain in your body, this is a place where we will pray for you to be healed. If you are facing strong addictions, this is a place where we will pray for you to be healed. If you are encountering mental health issues, this is a place where we will pray for you to be healed. We believe that Jesus’ desire is for us to see all people healed.



We desire to operate in the spiritual gift of prophecy as a regular encouragement for the edification of our community. Simply put, we believe that God speaks to us, and knows the secrets of our hearts both in the present and in the future and if we ask God, he will speak those things to us for encouragement. At Hope Nights, we want to grow in our understanding of how to hear the voice of God in our daily lives. New York living can keep us so busy and distracted. Our desire is to learn how to listen and rely on the voice of the Holy Spirit that is always speaking to us, how to discern a proper interpretation through the lens and truth of scripture, and to learn how to communicate that to others.


We believe that Jesus came, sacrificed his life, and resurrected from the grave in order to cleanse us from unrighteousness, and to fill us with the same Holy Spirit that he was filled with during his ministry on earth. We believe that it’s God’s desire for all who follow Jesus to be filled with His Holy Spirit in order to be empowered to walk in both power and love. Hope Nights will emphasize the importance of Jesus’ life, death, resurrection, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

What to Expect.


Sunday Evenings at 5:00p.

We meet at our Sunday morning location:

221 E 52ND ST. NEW YORK, NY 10022


Child care will not be provided. Please feel free to bring your children and watch over them during our time together. We do not see your children as a distraction, we’d love for them to be a part of our evenings together.