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Every year, you hear of "ugly Christmas sweater parties" but when you go to buy one for such a party, you find that they are actually QUITE expensive! They run for about $40-70 a piece! And they're really ugly! So then you end up staying home. :( 

We would like to help everyone gain access to the ugly Christmas sweater of their dreams that doesn't break the wallet and is unique to each person. This coming Sunday, 12/16 after the second service in the basement, we will be hosting an Ugly Christmas Sweater Decorating Party! All you need to bring is a sweater of your choice (or vest, or T-shirt, or whatever you'd like - "sweater" is a loose term in this place) and we will provide all the bells, cotton balls, sequins (etc.) and glue for you to decorate your sweater! Some sewing kits may also be available if you'd like to make yours fancier and machine washable. :) 

This is a great opportunity to get to know others at church while engaging in some holiday cheer! 

Please contact Joyce at happiestjoyce@gmail.com with any questions, and RSVP HERE by Saturday morning so we know how many frills/embellishments to procure. Hope to see you there!